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Contrast collar: We custom-made the collar, which is actually different from other threaded collars. This kind of thing is also available in the market, but we will not get it, because the color, feel, tension and other aspects of the property are different, so we have to customize Because it needs finishing before and after, we need to take it to the dyeing place to dye the whole collar to the same color as the real product. Fabric comparison: Fabric is 40 double yarn big eyes. It is custom-made by us alone. Its resilience and overall shaping effect are very good. The most important thing is the number of the fabric and the properties of the single and double yarns, resulting in the fabric being particularly soft, comfortable and breathable. Why it is called big eyeball ground, is the origin of its breathable! Webbing contrast: Here's the difference: The 3M reflector is wider than either the pants or the jacket of a suit. I don't know what the reason is, but it could be that it's a jacket, so it's wide to stand out. It should be emphasized that it is not the same as the width of the webbing of the suit, which is the market goods can not do. We have a single custom webbing for each style, which can kill ordinary quality Anti-counterfeit point 1: When the lapel open cylinder, parking is very test of the line. It's misaligned! Take a closer look, the top is 0.5mm shorter than the bottom. It must be staggered. Only in this way can the car make the overall appearance very good, it will not make the place become very thick, wear will not have a very bloated feeling! Anti-counterfeit point 2: There is no line on the right side of the lapel, which brings great difficulty to the level of processing. Because the whole part is a finalized part, the line will look very neat and clean. But if you don't have it, you lose a stress point. In the process of doing this, the factory will work slowly, little by little. Exclusive custom-made deep sea pearl mother-of-pearl buttons, moQ is too big!! Average person was replaced with that kind of false fritillaria on the market directly, also look lustrous, but it is the feeling of very poor quality Link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=650820380692

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